The bruhlah himself.

Known for his love for all things Chloe Lang-related and his interesting vocabulary, Zoomio is an active member of the LazyTown meme community - especially when it comes to Recipe For Energy. Zoomio never backs down from a verbal battle with a fellow memer; he sticks with the truthful mindset that he's the one that's right at all times.

Zoomio acts as one of the three current members of the Briscateers, a band of LazyTown fans who all were born and raised in British territory. This is shown by the nickname he typically assumes in The Valley of Breaking it Down - Briscateer #1. Due to the nature of the messages Zoomio sends, some are said to find him annoying - for most, though, his majesty makes that an impossible task. His impressive confidence really shows within the types of messages he sends and comments he leaves, informing other users that he loves them, and referring to his humble acquaintances as 'sexies'. Zoomio is also known to make witty and usually obscene remarks regarding other users, quickly deleting them afterwards. Although these messages get sent to The Valley of Breaking it Down's #deleted-messages for all users to read, Zoomio isn't afraid to make these jokes (another example of his inspiring confidence).

Zoomio's Holy Book (#zoomios-holy-book)Edit

Zoomio's aforementioned fantastic vocabulary has even scored him his own text channel in The Valley of Breaking it Down. #zoomios-holy-book is a dictionary containing almost all of the language that he has created. Every term is shown below that is currently inside the Holy Book.

Zoomio Term Definition/Context
chesticles Breasts.
sexies People.
yeEt I am excited.
bruhlah Bro, but enhanced.
jumping in my bed Extremely elated.
God's gift to this earth Chloe Lang.
smh Shaking my head.
woopsie daisy Oh dear!
down-there hair Pubic hair.
vobous Verbose.
wank drums The drums featured in We Are Number One.
I'm crying I'm laughing!
I'm dying I cannot feel my belly.
I'm screaming That's mildly amusing.
AHHSBSHSBDJD I'm laughing!
finna Going to.
I'm stomping I'm frustrated.
aknana I'm looking forward to something!
I'm screeching I'm upset.
wyd What you doing!?
I'm snorting I'm producing a sudden explosive sound through my nose!
I'm yucking my socks off That's funny (sometimes sarcastic)
soRry Sorry, but enhanced.
y'all All of you.
oHOMG I'm shocked!


  • Zoomio claims that he used to be able to play the cello.
  • Despite Recipe for Energy being his all-time favourite LazyTown song, Zoomio thinks that the episode it's part of - Breakfast at Stephanie's - is fairly weak.
  • Zoomio's top 10 LazyTown songs, as seen in The Valley of Breaking Down, shows that Dancing on the Moon is his second favourite LazyTown song - obviously, though, it doesn't compare to Recipe For Energy.